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Every living creature produces urine every day and we rarely give it a  second thought. When urine finds its way to the wrong spot or becomes concentrated in a small area, it is a very challenging problem!

When you need to remove urine odor you need Urine-Off™.

How does Urine-Off work?

Urine is composed of three main ingredients:

  • Urea – Responsible for the sticky or tacky consistency of dried urine.
  • Urochrome – Give urine its yellowish colour.
  • Urine salt crystals – Which bond to carpet fibers and surfaces.

As urine dries, the uric acid crystallizes at all points of contact.  Heavy detergents and harsh sanitizers cannot break down these urine salt crystals, which can remain firmly bonded to the surface or fibers for years and become activated again and again by the slightest amount of moisture – even high humidity

The naturally occurring bio-enzymatic soldiers in Urine-Off work in a process called bio-remediation, where they break down and consume these insoluble urine salt crystals.


The result is a surface that is free from stain and odour, Urine-Off is safe to use on a virtually any surface, and is non toxic and non-pathogenic.

How is Urine-off Different from other bio-enzymatic products?

Urine-Off uses a highly-developed bio-enzymatic formula that is isolated and blended in a painstaking seven-step manufacturing process.  Urine-Off is sold ready to use and never should be diluted.

Who is using Urine-Off?

Urine stains and odour are found nearly everywhere, with residential, commercial and government settings all in need of a solution.  Just a few of the area where Urine-Off is solving the “urine issue”  are with domestic pets, pet professionals, major zoos, home elder care, health care and nursing homes, the flooring industry, public restrooms, the hotel/hospitality industry, Public Works departments, laundry and dry cleaners, boat and RV owners – the list goes on.  Urine-Off is sold throughout the world and is fast becoming a global solution to urine related problems!

How is Urine-Off applied?

Urine-Off is easy to use – just spray generously and let it dry.  Urine-Off must come into contact with ALL of the urine, so absorbent surfaces like carpet, upholstered furniture and mattresses need a good soaking. For Detail instructions for just about every surface please download our procedures manual.

What is Black Light Clean?

Dried urine fluoresces a dull yellow under specialized UV or “black light” making the Bio-Pro Research line of nanometer- optimized black lights essential tool for locating all urine deposits.  When all urine has been located and then treated with Urine-Off to remove stain and odour, that’s Black Light Clean!

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