[title size=”2″]Multi-Purpose Cleaner 1 Litre, 1 Gallon 5 Gallon Fill Pro[/title]


Urine Off Multi-Purpose Formula works on all surfaces by using specialized enzymes and bacteria to break down the components of urine and other body discharges that cause odor and stains as well as their
proteins which host growth of undesirable microorganisms. Urine Off Multi-Purpose can be used aas a bathroom cleaner: tub, tile and grout, toilet, sink, floor, and walls. Easy to use, and effectively removes urine and its proteins as well as other soils.

Carpet Cleaner: Urine Off Multi-Purpose is an excellent carpet cleaner that will remove most organic stains and odors from virtually all carpet and rug fibers. Use as a pre-spotter and also as a carpet cleaning agent.
Upholstery Cleaner: Urine Off will remove most organic stains and odors from upholstery including urine, coffee, cola, and red wine. Urine Off Multi-Purpose Formula is packaged in three convenient sizes for
easy clean up of all problem areas. The Fill Pro concentrate makes five gallons that are conveniently stored in a sturdy container. The reusable, flow regulating tap, makes it simple to refill your bottles.

  1. Do not mix with other chemicals.
  2. Agitate before using.
  3. Remove as much discharge as possible.
  4. Use Urine FinderTM Light to locate invisible deposits.
  5. Saturate soiled areas. Urine Off must contact deposited urine to remove urine odor and stains.
  6. Agitate if on a hard surface.
  7. Allow time to work. For old stains, and build-up in grout, cover area with plastic sheet for up to 12 hours. Repeated applications may be necessary to eliminate heavy deposits.
  8. Allow to air dry.
  9. Scrub and rinse to remove residues.

Carpets: Check for colorfastness. Use for spotting & shampoo pre-treatment. Urine can spread four times the surface area into the pad and sub-floor. Follow above directions, but do not scrub the nap. Use carpet
extractor to remove residues in the nap. Note: Store in cool location.

Download Safety Data Sheet: English

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