Another industry standard, Pro Tect Runners are the right solution for field finished hardwood floor protection, hard tile and marble as well as resilient floors like linoleum. Designed for high-traffic areas and high-risk hardwood floor surfaces that need extra protection. The non-porous neutral brown fabric is attractive, absorbent, reusable and helps protect from moisture. This non-adhesive hardwood floor protection product is safe for your expensive polished surfaces due to its special slip-resistant backing. It’s the right choice for floor protection. It’s durable, reusable, safe and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Application Made Easy
Simply roll Pro Tect Runners out and cut to the desired length with a utility knife. No need to waste time with hold-down or seam tapes. It’s as simple as roll out and cut to length. Lays flat and stays in place, even on a hardwood floor.

Choose Your Size
2′ x 50′ roll. 100 Sq. Feet.
2′ x 100′ roll. 200 Sq. Feet
2′ x 150′ roll. 300 Sq. Feet.
3′ x 50′ roll. 150 Sq. Feet.
3′ x 100′ roll. 300 Sq. Feet.
3′ x 150′ roll. 450 Sq. Feet.
4′ x 50′ roll. 200 Sq. Feet.
4′ x 100′ roll. 400 Sq. Feet.
4′ x 150′ roll. 600 Sq. Feet.