Avoid carpet damage during construction or remodeling with Pro Tect’s carpet protection products. Carpet protection is a necessary precaution for all builders and remodelers because of the increased amount of traffic and possibility of dirt, paint, plaster, grease, and oil. At Pro Tect we supply the best, most durable carpet protection on the market. Don’t waste money on a cheap product that will tear and puncture with the slightest amount of traffic. Get the best protection available! Our easy to use, high-density carpet protection products provide 45-day surface protection on all grades of carpet including industrial, commercial and residential. Since it comes reverse-wound it rolls on easy. Once down this unique carpet protection film stays in place with a safe water-based adhesive. Upon the completion of the job, Pro Tect’s carpet protection removes easily with no residue or damage to the carpet. Pro Tect carpet protection is the fastest, easiest, and most durable carpet protection available and comes in your choice of width and roll length depending on your need. With Pro Tect protection you can build or remodel without the mess.

Choose Your Size

PC24-200 – 2′ x 200′ roll PC36-500 – 3′ x 500′ roll.
PC24-500 – 2′ x 500′ roll. PC48-200 – 4′ x 200′ roll.
PC30-200 – 2.5′ x 200′ roll. PC48-500 – 4′ x 500′ roll.
PC36-200 – 3′ x 200′ roll PC60-500 – 5′ x 500′ roll.

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