Pro Tect Poly-Craft Mask is the perfect, inexpensive solution for Pro Tecting your hard surface finishes. This waterproof product is absolutely tear-resistant and won’t allow spills to penetrate. When Pro TectRosin Paper just won’t do the job and you need better protection, Pro TectPoly-Craft Mask is a must.

Pro Tect Poly-Craft Mask is a two-ply product that includes a fiberglass meshing between a 25-pound craft paper and polyethylene sheet. The layer of poly won’t allow spills to soak through, while the craft paper provides a soft cushion that won’t scratch the surface you are protecting. The fiberglass meshing prevents the product from tearing, preventing you from having to constantly replace the product, yet it can be cut with a knife for easy installation.

Pro Tect Poly-Craft Mask can be used on: hardwood floors, tile, marble, countertops, vinyl, and any hard surface you need to Pro Tect.

3′ x 200′ roll of Poly-Craft Mask. 600 Sq. Feet.

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