Pro Tect Multi-Use Red is a light red color 2-mil. polyethylene surface protection film (poly-film) that provides a protective, slip-resistant surface. This product can be used to Pro Tect windows, mirrors, cabinets, hardware, vinyl tile, electric fixtures, linoleum floors, plumbing fixtures, glass, metal and most high gloss surfaces.

Application Made Easy
Pro Tect Multi-Use Red surface protection film is resistant to scuffs and abrasions while keeping dirt, grime and spills from the surface it is protecting. Reverse wound, it goes down easy and stays where you put it.

Choose Your Size

2′ x 200′ roll. 400 Sq. Feet.
2′ x 500′ roll. 1,000 Sq. Feet.
3′ x 200′ roll. 600 Sq. Feet.
3′ x 500′ roll. 1,500 Sq. Feet.
4′ x 200′ roll. 800 Sq. Feet.

“* Not for use on site finished (Varnished) surfaces.”

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