Pro Tect Quick Prop is the newest and best way to partition off a work-area. A quiet, clean way to erect a construction barrier. No more cutting, nailing, pounding, stapling and wasting expensive materials. Made from strong aluminum poles that can extend from 5’3” to 10′ feet high or 6’8″ to 16′ , Pro Tect Quick Prop can be used to support…

• Dust Screens
• Temporary partitions
• Warning tape
• Ceiling boards during installation
• Site lighting
• Stage backdrops
• And many other applications…

Application Made Easy

A.Pull out rivet from top suction pad and push pad onto the inner pole.
B.Pierce through edge of plastic screen with the rivet, securing it into the hole at the center of the suction pad.
C.Attach bottom suction pad to outer pole.
D.Release thumbscrew tension and extend pole, with screen attached to top until both suction pads are compressed between floor and ceiling. Tighten thumbscrew while firmly holding joint to maintain compression.
E.At each fold of plastic, clip surplus to plastic with the included clips.